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Les Nocturnes

Inspired, created, and projected in the southern France region, Lacoste, a group of 15 students, graduate and undergrad, came together to envision projections that were displayed across four different locations in a French medieval village .

Interactive Video Projections

Software used

Adobe After Effects




Garage Band


For this piece, I scanned flowers found around Lacoste and edited them with other photography. Inspired by the French caves and neon lights, this piece came to life.

The Arch

The first location is at the top of a hill. It is the introduction to the whole show - the beginning of the journey. Crawling with jasmine, 

Below are mockups of what the projected work would look like. This gave us an idea of how the size of the video would need to be edited to fit the unique space.

The Boulangerie

The second location was the Boulangerie. Once a bakery, this cornerstone building is now a library.

To the right is a mockup of what the projected work would look like. This was a test of smoke plumes, reminiscent of the bakery it was before.

Neon caves

Bringing the imagery of caves to the forefront with bold colors of neon lights. The images blend over time and shift as if it were a dream.

All music was taken from sounds of the village using a Midi sprout and Midi keyboard. Bringing these sounds into GarageBand.


I walked along the hills of southern France and found a grove of cherry trees on campus. With the summer wind, carrying the leaves, I had to capture it. Combining the nature with the neon lights with nature and the sound of cherries in the background creates a new memory of the cherries of Lacoste.

The Music

Here is what it looks like with the midi sprout connected to plants. We recorded the sounds and were able to edit them on-site, hearing how effects would alter the sound.

The Lower Dorms

The third location spanned across three different buildings. This required three different projectors positioned strategically as to not interfere with one another. It was our largest site.

The Upper Dorms

Lastly, our site at the end of the adventure was positioned above. This was rectangularly shaped, perfect for most horizontal videos.

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